Mobile Strike – The Direct Action Option

The mobile strike is a process wherein a group of activists uses internet technology and social media to achieve strategic goals. There are so many ways in which this form of activism can be used.

The online gathering of a group of people (people who agree on the same agenda) to discuss and debate a certain issue, then voting with the votes of the people have won a position, as to who they think is most likely to become the right person. The vote is based on the user’s opinion. The decision makers may take the responsibility for any decisions taken. This type of online activism has the potential to reach very far, as the issues can affect many people from many backgrounds and from all walks of life.

Another form of mobile strike is going door to door. It can be done in order to get people informed about a specific event that affects them directly. This form of activism is much cheaper and less risky than hiring a public relations firm to go out and communicate to the public.

Mobile protests has gained popularity in recent years. This is when a group of people who agree on a particular cause then meet at a specific location and express their views to the rest of the group. The results can be seen on the computer, and the movement has a very short period of time in which it can be re-organized if new information or direction is needed. It is also very fast and less expensive than other forms of activism.

There are different ways that a mobile protest can be carried out. In the United States, this usually takes place on a Saturday afternoon. One can use cell phones to record their meetings and then post it to the web.

Mobs can be organized using mobiles or any other number of sources. These can range from political rallies to people joining together in prayer groups.

online form Organizing one’s activism online is extremely effective. As the group can be very small and will get much publicity, they can reach a lot of people with a great deal of power. People everywhere will be aware of the organizing action and that means they will take an active role.

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