Sister Location App Is A Dark Game And Might Not Be Suitable For Children

The sister location app is a dark game. And it doesn’t mean that it is harmful in anyway. But, the theme and the gameplay has a dark concept to it and it may not have a good effect on children’s health. Keeping this in mind, the app store has created this only for mature audience. And, this is only available for iOS users, and not available on android versions. Even if you are an adult, play the game if you think you can handle the type of concept it delivers through the game.

What is the game play?

The concept of the game is that the sister distances herself from the family and your job is to locate her exactly where she is. It is a horror game and you can expect the later versions to be scarier than the former versions of the game.

And obviously, the game has a spooky musical background providing the players a real experience of thrill and horror. There were many positive reviews about the game’s music and a very captivating soundtrack. So, play the game at your own risk.

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