Help Your Kids Finish Their Homework With This Hiring Hire Free App!

The Invisible Hand app is a great example of effective hypnosis. I recently received an email from a gentleman that said, “We have a problem. Our kids don’t care about chores anymore, but they don’t want to do their homework. We have tried everything to get them to care and we’ve tried to get them to care. Nothing seems to work. Can you help us please?”

So I emailed the Invisible Hand, they responded, “The problem is they do not realize that it is not a chore for them to accomplish because it’s an obligation. It’s your job to remind them of the importance of completing the homework assignments. Just because they’re lazy does not mean they won’t try and do their homework. It just means they’ll go to sleep before they finish.” They’re right!

Time to give them what they ask for. I could say, “Make homework your responsibility, and I’ll remind you of it when you’re finished with your homework and work on it in the morning. You’ll never forget the importance of doing homework again!”

There’s no doubt that time spent on completing homework assignment is money spent. But does the money spent on completing homework assignment really matter? Couldn’t you make even more money if you applied yourself to other more lucrative opportunities?

In fact, doing things that bring in more money is more important than spending time on other things. When was the last time you made an effort to make more money?

If you ask the person, “Do you really think you need to make time for your kids to finish their homework?” or even worse, “What about your children, do they really need to be made responsible for homework?” then you can be sure that they will not be happy with this suggestion.

Now that the Invisible Hand app has made my life easier, I’m sharing it with you so you can understand how to use it effectively. Use it wisely and you will not only be amazed at what you’ll achieve, but you’ll also be a smarter person!

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