App Annie San Francisco

With the onset of the digital era, internet has been one of the most useful things known to mankind after telephone. It might just be the best technical invention of this century. The trend of technology is growing at an exponential rate and with this there is a growing popularity of mobile app developers and app makers.

App developers need a valid data source and a platform for analysis the usage and popularity of their apps.

They need a platform like app annie san fransisco. That collects and analyses app data, making it easier for the developers to change and develop the features of their application.

Professional Data Analysis By App Annie

It is not a surprise that consumers these days spend most of their time on their phone surfing the net or their apps. A survey by app annie shows that people today are spending more than 3 hours each day on just app surfing. An average mobile user downloads and uses over 40 different apps in a month.

Amidst this growing trend of mobile application, it becomes more difficult everyday to keep a track of the app data and user analysis. Here app annie helps the developers get in depth data of their app data usage and popularity.

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