App Genie Protects All Your Mobile applications

If you are subscribed to pro, you have a lot more other advantages as well. They include, more smart gesture options, advanced widget options, more flexible theme options, additional transitional effects exclusive to this application, powerful drawer customizations, unread count notifications, etc. This creates you different folders and preview styles for you to explore, makes some fancy transition effects by giving your home screen a smart, clean and tidy look.

This app genie will protect your mobile applications and add a lock to all your apps by password or finger print protection.

How does it help with junk files?

It does the overall optimization of your phone and cleans the RAM. It also provides Wi-Fi security for other applications in your phone making it more reliable for usage. So, it entirely depends on user experience whether to use it or not.

How annoying is it when your phone just keeps hanging? The reasons might be many. But it mainly occurs because of spyware and adware that our smart phone experience. So people started using many cleaner apps that are available out there. This app genie is one such mobile apps that claims to protect your data.

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