Whatsapp Web App Is A Real Life Saver Just Like It’s Mobile Version

The whatsapp webapp has been founded very recently and it is already a favorite service for almost every one. But there are still people who doesn’t know what the whatsapp web does. So, here is the information. If you find this brief information useful, do go out and check th service and start using it. No doubt you will soon become a fan of it. It has all the features of whatsapp and helps a lot in your job.

How is this platform useful?

Everyone knows whatsapp is a global platform and helps in connecting people. Today it has become a mandatory source of connection for people all around the world. If you go to whatsapp and click on the top right corner, you can find an option called ‘whatsapp web’.

When you open your PC and connect it to whatsapp web, on the mobile phone, you can now open your whatsapp on your laptop or PC.

This might sound simple but sharing files and other documents becomes very easy with this. Some of the documents only open on your laptop. So, this tool could be put to great use to transfer those files to your phone.

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